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Council for Cooperation of the Government with Civil Society

Government Cooperation Council with Civil Society

The Government Cooperation Council with Civil Society represents one of the largest platforms for official cooperation between civil society organizations and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. The Council was established by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, with decision no. 05/96, dated 02.04.2019 and is the main permanent advisory mechanism which coordinates the entire process of government cooperation with civil society. This Council consists of 29 representatives, of which 15 representatives are from civil society and 14 representatives are from the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. This mechanism is jointly chaired by the Secretary General in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Executive Director of the Civikos Platform.

The Council was established with the aim of strengthening government cooperation with civil society, promoting and supporting the strengthening of the civil society sector and ensuring the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023. The Council in its composition has created four working teams for each objective of the Strategy.

Strategic Objective Team I “Increase the participation of civil society in policy-making”

Strategic Objective II Team “Improving the institutional framework for financing the sustainability of CSO programs and projects in the public interest”

Strategic Objective Team III “Development of practices and procedures for contracting CSOs for the provision of public services” and

Strategic Objective IV Team “Increasing and promoting volunteerism in programs of public interest”.

These working teams were created in order to focus on thematic work, increase the dynamics and monitor the implementation of the strategy based on the objectives described in it. For each work team, coordinators of the work teams are appointed, who lead and coordinate the work of the work team. One of the coordinators of the working teams is a representative of institutions and one of the NGOs.

The Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister is the institution responsible for coordinating the work of the Council and serves as the secretariat of this Council.




Habit Hajredini – Director
Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister
Email. habit.hajredini@rks-gov.net
Tel. + 383-38-200 14 070

Donika Emini – Director
CiviKos Platform
e-mail donika.emini@civikos.net
Tel: +383 (0) 38 224 904

Trëndelinë Dreshaj-Rexha
Senior Officer for Good Governance
Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister
e-mail – trendeline.dreshaj@rks-gov.net
038 200 14 854;