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Prime Minister Kurti in Strasbourg met and talked with members of our Diaspora

March 16, 2023

Strasbourg, March 16, 2023

At the end of the two-day stay in Strasbourg, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in an organization of the General Consulate of Kosovo in Strasbourg, was welcomed and talked with our emigrants in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

He presented to them the work and achievements of the Government, which next week marks two years since its formation, and the Government’s approach to the diaspora, which maintains a special place and enjoys full attention from the government.

We have also reflected this through the “Dialogue with the Migrant” and the “Citizen Diplomacy” programs, in the work for the ad-hoc commission for electoral reform which is dealing with the successful implementation of voting from abroad, the law and the strategy for the engagement of emigrants.

Prime Minister Kurti also mentioned the creation of the Sovereign Fund, which will take ownership of the strategic assets of the Republic of Kosovo, to valorize them, to enable foreign investments and access to foreign capital markets.

According to the Central Bank of Kosovo, in the last five years, €4.54 billion as remittances and €1.54 billion as foreign direct investments have entered Kosovo. But emigration is much more than a key contributor to the country’s economy. We also see it as a very important source of knowledge and experience for Kosovo, which can help increase the capacities and skills of professionals and organizations.

The experience and knowledge that emigrants bring to their homeland are a tremendous source of wealth and can help to increase economic and social development in Kosovo.

During these two years, as the Government, we have increased the doors for cooperation with the diaspora. One such example is the cooperation in the dual education sector with the Besa Foundation based in Germany, or the partnership with the Association of Engineers in Switzerland with the Ministry of Economy. And our doors of cooperation always remain open for expatriates and we admire their willingness to always do more.

Prime Minister Kurti thanked them for their continuous interest and unwavering contribution to the country and the state throughout each of its stages.

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