Following the confirmation of positive cases with Corona Virus COVID-19 the Government has approved additional preventive measures

9th Government Meeting

Prishtina, 13 March 2020

 The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, led by the Prime Minister Albin Kurti, has held an extraordinary meeting, following the confirmation of positive cases with Corona Virus COVID-19, whereby made a decision to take additional preventive measures.

Additional measures taken at this extraordinary meeting of the Government of Kosovo are as follows:

1. Prohibition of entry and exit of citizens in/out of the Municipality of Klina;

2. Prohibition of entry and exit of citizens in/out of the Municipality of Viti;

3. Termination of the Interurban transport in the Republic of Kosovo, as well the organized international transport, effective immediately;

4. Closure of land borders for travellers entering to Kosovo, this does not apply for Kosovo citizens. All Kosovo citizens entering in country through these borders will undergo additional medical check-ups, whereby will be ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days;

5. From 16 March 2020, at 24:00 hrs, all flights of Prishtina Airport airlines will be suspended temporarily, except for military flights and medical emergency/evacuation flights (MEDIVAC). Exemption from this measure are arrival crew-operated air flights, but without passengers, serving only for departure of passengers from Kosovo;

6. Closure of café-bars, pubs and restaurants, shopping centers, except pharmacies and grocery stores;

7. Suspension of all cultural and sports activities;

8. Closure of livestock and car markets;

9. Reduction of the essential action and essential staff in every public institution, except of the health and security sector;

10. Private companies are ordered to organize their work in a way so employees perform majority of their duties from home;

Recommendation: We urge all citizens to avoid crowded places and to adhere to all measures taken by the Government, and recommendationsgiven by the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo;

At today’s extraordinary meeting, the Government has also made a decision to amend and supplement Decision no. 01/08, dated 12 March 2020, after point 1.22 the following members have been added:  

-Lumir Abdixhiku, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, member;

-Naser Ramadani, National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, member;

-Representative from the UCCK – Infectious Disease Clinic, member; 

-Representative from the Situation Center, KCS Secretariat, member.