Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigations Commission (AAIIC)

1. Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigations Commission (AAIIC), within the Office of the Prime Minister, was established on the basis of the Law No. 03/L- 051 on Civil Aviation. AAIIC shall be responsible to investigate aviation accidents and incidents within Kosovo or which involve airplanes registered in Kosovo, wherever they may be.

2. Based on Law No. 04 / L-63 on Kosovo Railways, the Body for Investigation of Railway Accidents was created within the Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigation Commission. The AAIIC is responsible for investigating accidents and incidents in the Railways sector within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

3. AAIIC shall be authorized to ask from any public authority of Kosovo and natural person or organization in Kosovo to provide the required support to them for the performance of a certain investigation as defined by the Law on Civil Aviation or an investigation deriving from an international agreement or by an international aviation organization.

4. The sole objective of the Investigations initiated by AAIIC shall be prevention of accident and incidents. It is not the purpose to apportion of blame or liability. Also the investigations shall be independent from state aviation authorities or other entities that could interfere with the conduct of an investigation.

Members of AAIIC are:

AAIIC is in 24/7 emergency service, where any notice of accident or incident can be contacted by telephone or by e-mail.

AAIIC info:
Tel: 0800 90000
Tel: +377 45 356 666