Zyra e Kryeministrit

Office of Community Affairs

1. The Office for Community Affairs operates within the Office of the Prime Minister under the direction of a Political Adviser appointed by the Prime Minister, who will be responsible for managing the Office and executing its powers.

2. Office for Community Affairs:

2.1. Advises the Prime Minister on issues related to communities, including:

2.1.1. Informing and advising the Prime Minister in a timely and appropriate manner on all issues related to communities;

2.1.2. Informs the Prime Minister on important issues of local, national, regional and international interest;

2.1.3. Draws the Prime Minister’s attention to issues that need his personal intervention.

2.2. Coordinates all issues related to communities including:

2.2.1. Coordination of government bodies, independent agencies and institutions / ministerial and municipal level;

2.2.2. Coordinating donors and international organizations to ensure that community issues are addressed effectively throughout Kosovo; eliminating duplication of effort and ensuring equality in the allocation of funds and their effective use;

2.2.3. Monitors these bodies to ensure that they are effectively implementing certain tasks and duties and at a high level in the designated locations.

2.3. Follows Policies on community issues including:

2.3.1. Contributes to, analyzes and provides the necessary advice regarding government policy that has an impact on the rights and interests of communities;

2.3.2. Develops and monitors the implementation of government strategies related to communities;

2.3.3. Acts as the central office for the extensive sharing of community-related policies and laws and raises the awareness of all community members for an understanding of their rights;

2.3.4. Monitors the implementation of community laws and policies and their impact at the community level;

2.3.5. Advises and promotes the implementation of appropriate laws and policies for communities by the government;

2.3.6. Recommends changes and / or regulates relevant laws and policies for communities if they are not addressing community issues effectively.

2.4. Addresses the Practical Needs of communities through:

2.4.1. Strategic use of available funds to have a positive effect and create changes in people’s lives, with special emphasis on those who are most vulnerable; 2.4.2. Counseling and assistance in resolving high profile community-related cases.

3. The OCA will:

3.1. Develop effective communication channels with communities;

3.2. Consult with communities and civil society through regular field visits and meetings and will maintain a meaningful partnership through trust, understanding, knowledge sharing and effective community consultation and mobilization to nurture and promote prosperity in Kosovo’s diverse communities;

3.3. Promote equal treatment of all communities and mobilize access to more positive action within policy initiatives;

3.4. Maintain good relations and coordination with all parties involved, especially with the MCR, MAQL, CCC, KDIKK, OGG and the Institution of the People’s Advocate;

3.5. Regularly share and exchange information with all relevant parties;

3.6. Work in partnership with a wide range of entities to achieve their goals;

3.7. Serve as an example;

3.8. Operate through guiding principles of consultation, initiative, openness, transparency, responsibility, approach, creativity and courage in policy making.

4. The number of employees in the Office for Community Affairs is 6 (six) civil servants as follows:

4.1. Two (2) Senior Policy Officers;

4.2. Senior Public Relations Officer;

4.3. Two (2) Senior Coordinators and Grant Officers, and

4.4. Administrative Officer.


Tel: 038 201 14 032