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Office of Community Affairs

The Office of Community Affairs contributes to the coordination of Government efforts to implement the national legal framework for community rights and to ensure that government policies and appropriate actions meet the needs and interests of communities.

Institutional framework

The legislative framework for the protection of the rights of communities in Kosovo is supported by a network of institutions at the central and local levels of government. Together, these are responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of the rights of communities in the Republic of Kosovo.


All citizens of the Republic of Kosovo have equal rights to enjoy the protection of their fundamental human rights. Such protection includes general protections against discrimination, the right to life, freedom of expression and assembly, and many other rights.

The rights of communities in Kosovo are guaranteed by a number of primary and secondary legislative acts, including:

Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo

Law No. 03/L-047 on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Communities and their Members in the Republic of Kosovo

Law No. 05/L -021 on the Protection from Discrimination

Law No. 03/L-068 on Education in the Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo

Law No. 02/L-37 on the Use of Languages

Law No. 03/L-040 on Local Self Government

Law No. 02/L-88 on Cultural Heritage

Law No. 03/L-039 on Special Protective Areas

Scope of the Office

The Office for Community Affairs was established in 2008 and operates within the Office of the Prime Minister. The mandate of the OCA includes informing the Prime Minister about issues important to the communities, informs the Prime Minister about issues that require his personal intervention, contributes to the coordination of the work of government bodies, agencies and independent institutions at the ministerial and municipal level, contributes to coordinating the work of donors and international organizations to ensure that community issues are effectively addressed across Kosovo. Eliminates the overlapping of efforts and ensures effective and equitable use of available funds. Contributes, analyses and provides advice on government policies that affect the rights and interests of communities. As needed, recommends changes or assists in adapting community laws and policies on community issues if they are not adequately addressed.

The OCA has the annual budget at its disposal, which it mainly uses in:

Subsidizing cultural activities and celebrating special community days

Subsidizing project proposals of NGOs related to the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of communities

Subsidy for active labour market measures

Professional development of young people from non-majority communities

Organizing round tables with community representatives

Central level institutions:

Office of Community Affairs

Office for Good Governance/Office of the Prime Minister

Ministry for Communities and Returns

Consultative Council for Communities

Committee on Rights and Interests of Communities and Return

For more information: Regulation on the Organizational Structure of the Office of Prime Minister.

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