The Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue of the Republic of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi hosted in a meeting the Ambassador of Albania to Kosovo, Mr. Qemal Minxhozi


Prishtina, 18 January 2022

In this meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi and Ambassador Minxhozi discussed about the agreements reached between the Republic of Kosovo and Albania, which were signed at the joint annual meeting of the two governments.

Monitoring and implementation of these agreements will deepen the relations between the two countries in various areas of cooperation. The government is dealing with the overcoming of barriers and bureaucracies, and this will establish a model of cooperation in the region in the areas of economy, tourism, rural development, agriculture, culture, etc.

In the meeting was also discussed about the organization of joint fairs for business promotion and strengthened cooperation in the border zones, in order to strengthen and facilitate the interaction between the residents living in the Kosovo-Albania borderline.