The 51st meeting of the Government

Prishtina, December 24, 2021

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in electronic form, today held its 51st meeting.

The establishment of the Emergency Technical Committee within the Ministry of Economy has been approved, in order to identify and submit recommendations to the Minister of Economy. This Committee identifies and recommends the implementation of measures to address the negative effects of the circumstances.

As a reflection of the sharp increase in electricity consumption in the country, the insufficiency of domestic generation to cover consumption and the global energy crisis that has resulted in the enormous increase in the price of electricity on international stock exchanges, Kosovo’s electricity system is currently facing significant difficulties.
Difficulties in electricity supply have occurred especially during December 2021, due to breakdowns caused in the generators of the power plant “Kosova B” and at the same time a significant increase in electricity consumption.

In order to maintain the integrity of the system and contribute to the balancing of the Kosovo and European Power System, the Government is authorized through the Law on Energy, Article 25, to announce emergency measures in energy supply, in case this is recommended by the Emergency Technical Committee.
Based on this, emergency measures can be proposed for a maximum duration of up to sixty (60) days from the entry into force of this decision.

The same decision must be reviewed for approval by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, within seven (7) days of receiving the decision of the Government.