Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s Government Speech

Honorable citizens,

I want to inform you that today I made this decision:

I resign irrevocably from the duty of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo and I want to thank you for your trust and support. The reason for this decision is that I have been called for questioning by the Specialized Chambers, as a suspect.

Governments and powers can change as we live in a democracy.

The honor of the Prime Minister and the State must be preserved, and I will never stain it. In the Hague I will go as Ramush Haradinaj and will face the defamation, as required by the honor of the Albanian fighter.

My purity and that of the war of the KLA, confirmed by two verdicts, cannot be stained by anyone, ever.

My country is Kosovo, indivisible in multiethnicity, multilingualism, territory and borders.

Kosovo is being unfairly pressured for the price of recognition by Serbia. Its division or Dodik Republic, is unbearable for Kosovo and the stability of the region.

As Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo I strongly believe that the price for recognition is our market, and for that the 100% tariff should be the price of recognition.

The international community is wrong in insisting on an unbearable price for recognition of Kosovo.

Kosovo’s leadership is wrong in not strengthening the legitimacy of the tariff imposed to Serbia. Sooner rather than later, we will realize how much damage we are serving to our country with this lack of unity.

The Euro-Atlantic Kosovo is interested in mutual recognition within the existing borders.

Dialogue for recognition is the path to reach free trade with Serbia. It is never too late to be together – market for recognition, but no division or Dodik Republic.

Let me assure you: the tariff remains, the Kosovo Army moves forward, Trepça is ready for new investments.

After this resignation, I am returning the mandate TO THE PEOPLE. The Sovereign will decide on the future leadership by free and democratic elections.

I appeal to the President to conduct consultations with political parties within the defined Constitutional timeframes, and to announce extraordinary elections.

The Government will continue to carry out its functions and duties without allowing a government vacuum, until a new government is formed out of free and democratic elections.

I will immediately address official correspondence about my irrevocable resignation to all state insitutions, as well as the leaders of this governing coalition.

I will serve faithfully, my whole life, to my PEOPLE, my HOMELAND, AND MY COUNTRY, KOSOVO!

Thank you.

Ramush Haradinaj