Prime Minister Kurti: We will take Kosovo Telecom out of the crisis and put it on the development tracks


Prishtina, 10 January 2022

We are interested in making Telecom, Vala a leader in Kosovo, as it has been, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti during his visit to Telecom of Kosovo. He stressed that for this reason the Government has provided financial support in the year we left behind.

For 2022, we are interested that together, both the Government and Telecom of Kosovo finally bring Telecom out of the crisis and put it on the development tracks for the benefit of the citizens of the Republic as consumers and the state of Kosovo.

The board, management and employees of Telecom of Kosovo were congratulated by the Prime Minister for the work and commitment they have done during 2021, but also earlier. Many of the workers here have recovered Telecom of Kosovo, after the liberation of the country, while more than a decade ago they brought dividends of millions to the budget of Kosovo, said the Prime Minister.

Together with the Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, the Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers, Hekuran Murati, the Prime Minister Kurti met the board members and management of this public enterprise, and visited the plant, where he met the engineers who enable the operation of Kosovo Telecom.

The Government’s commitment to support public enterprises, and in particular Telecom of Kosovo, was reiterated, with high expectations from the new boards and new management structures, in particular for enforcing the law and stopping the abuses that have characterized the enterprises in the past, increasing performance and competitiveness, as well as reducing operating costs.

It was emphasized that Telecom of Kosovo is among the main public enterprises that will continue to have the attention of the Government, not only because it operates with a critical telecommunications infrastructure, but also because in many ways it represents and is an example of what has happened to public enterprises in Kosovo. Telecom of Kosovo, one of the most successful public enterprises for many years, has reached a critical point, due to abuses, harmful contracts, and undeserved employment.

In the meeting, the Chief Executive of Telecom of Kosovo, Mrs. Burbuqe Hana was thanked in particular for her work, for Telecom of Kosovo to return to where it belongs, as the epicenter of telecommunications in Kosovo.

They talked about the performance of this company during 2021 and plans for the future, which will ensure that Telecom of Kosovo improves market competitiveness.