Prime Minister Kurti was received at the meeting by the Governor of Iowa, Mrs. Kim Reynolds



13 May 2022, Iowa

The strong partnership between the Republic of Kosovo and the state of Iowa, and the potential for increased cooperation, were the focus of the meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Albin Kurti and the Governor of Iowa, Mrs. Kim Reynolds.

Prime Minister Kurti expressed his gratitude for the special relationship between Kosovo and Iowa, as well as the contribution to building a democratic, free and oriented society towards Western values.

They talked about creating new opportunities for cooperation, increasing investment, building human capacity, exploiting natural potential and promoting the common values of both states. It was stated that the example of military cooperation should be continued in the civilian field, strengthening the partnership in economy, agriculture and education. The beginning of consular services in this state was singled out.

In particular, the partnership between the Iowa National Guard and the Kosovo Security Force was praised, as well as the long-term goal of developing and further enhancing it and approximating the conditions for NATO membership.

The Prime Minister stressed that Kosovo is a factor of stability in the region and that it will continue to be a contributor to security in the region and the world, in defence of peace and democratic values, alongside allies, in particular the United States of America and the European Union.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Liza Gashi, the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Luan Dalipi, Colonel Ejup Makedonci, and the Head of the Mission at the Consulate in Iowa, Artan Duraku.