Prime Minister Kurti was hosted at the Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts



Prishtina, 12 January 2022

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Albin Kurti, together with the Minister of Finance, Labour and Transfers, Mr Hekuran Murati, and the Deputy Minister of Economy, Mr Mentor Arifaj, were hosted at the Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts by Academician Mr Mehmet Kraja, President of the Academy of Sciences, Ms Justina Pula, Vice President, and members of KASA.
In today’s reception, Prime Minister Kurti expressed his gratitude for the contribution and the historical and cultural but also political and academic role of the members of the Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts (KASA).

We believe that socio-economic progress, the dignified life of citizens in the Republic, depends on democracy, representation and decision-making with integrity and competence, as well as on the irreplaceable consideration for science, Prime Minister Kurti said. In this field for science, but in others also for art and culture, he added.

The interest of the Government and KASA for close cooperation was emphasized during the meeting. The Prime Minister stressed the need for cooperation not only in the energy sector, but also in other fields.

He stressed the importance of supply sustainability and geopolitical consideration, as energy today has become a key topic of politics and geopolitics, not only in our country.

We must take environmental considerations into account since, as the saying goes, we have the present not only inherited from our ancestors, but in some ways we have also borrowed it from future generations, because whatever we do, there will be costs for generations that will come after us, Prime Minister Kurti said.

In this meeting, Academician Mr Fejzullah Krasniqi presented the KASA report on electricity production in Kosovo, a document for analysis and suggestions for future developments in the energy sector. The report’s findings on options of supply that is sustainable and reasonably priced for consumers were highlighted.