Prime Minister Kurti visited the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley


San Francisco, May 10, 2022

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, concluded his visit to the world center of information technology, Silicon Valley, with a visit to the campus of the information technology giant, Microsoft.

During the visit he was received by technology experts at Microsoft, Murali Sitaram and Shawn Villaron, who briefed the Prime Minister on the development history and operation of the multinational corporation that manufactures software for computers, laptops, other electronic devices and offers related services. The revenues of this company in 2021 reached the value of 168 billion dollars.

Prime Minister Kurti praised the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley as an inspiration for the corporate community and interpersonal collaboration. Innovation and sustainability are not in conflict, rather they stem from each other, he added.

Speaking about the opportunities that Kosovo offers for investments, Prime Minister Kurti stressed the great and ever-increasing potential of young people dealing with the information technology sector.

He expressed the readiness of institutions to provide the most optimal conditions for foreign investment in the field of information technology. As the main reason why Kosovo should be chosen as a place for business, the Prime Minister stressed the favorable geographical and cultural position, young, creative and talented population, good knowledge of English, extensive internet network, stable fiscal policy, modern transport infrastructure etc.