Prime Minister Haradinaj: A pact of peace, forgiveness would be the best that Kosovo could have agreed!

Vushtrri, 2 May 2018

“A pact of peace, of forgiveness, would be the best that Kosovo could have agreed. There is nothing that Kosovo can give anymore, because it has been given what it was possible to give to win a right. Our Right, “said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, at the Memorial Academy on the 19 th anniversary of the massacre in the village of Studime, Municipality of Vushtrri.

On the anniversary of one of the worst massacres that the Albanian people experienced during the 1998-19999 liberation war, in front of the many present, Prime Minister Haradinaj expressed the institutional commitment that families of martyrs and all the deceased to receive better treatment, legal and institutional.

“These days it is more current a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on the status of Kosovo which we have declared what it is for a legal agreement that would open the way for Kosovo to join the EU, NATO and UN. A question is asked what Kosovo will give for this deal. The truth is that Kosovo has given a lot, here is the testimony. For this Kosovo we have today, there are these lives of people, there is the pain that families and children who have grown up orphaned, those mothers and sisters who with great pain have spent these years. They have also faced difficult lives, lack of a job and home, with the concern of their children how will they grow up, but also with the pain of their loved ones, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

From the village of Studime of the Municipality of Vushtrri, where were killed and massacred 116 Albanians, Prime Minister Haradinaj said that Kosovo has given the most precious the most expensive, the lives of people. “You, honorable families, know that in addition to the suffering, in addition to the pain and injustices of your life, you are those who today have your people in the ground stone of Kosovo, today and tomorrow, you have a great pride that you keep on your own , which is the pride of all the people, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

Mayor of Vushtrri, Xhafer Tahiri, said that local leaders will always be close to family members, will support any initiative and study to perpetuate the memory of martyrs killed in the May 2 massacre in the village of Studime.

On behalf of the family members of the martyrs who died in this massacre, Latif Gërxhaliu stressed that family members find it difficult to find words and address the people present at this gathering but their sorrow and mind is always here, and the fallen in this massacre prompted the country to free itself.