Addressing by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti at the 84th meeting of the Government


Prishtina, June the 22nd 2022

Honorable members of the government cabinet,
Deputy Prime Minister Rexhepi, Ministers and Deputy Ministers,

Let us welcome each other in the 84th meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

Honorable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo

After more than 20 years, the budget of the Republic of Kosovo will be saved tens of millions of euros per year, paid earlier to cover the energy costs of the north of the country.

The four municipalities in the north of Kosovo will switch to a regular order of supply, billing and collection of payments for electricity consumption, based on the regulatory and legal system of the Republic of Kosovo.

The roadmap agreed at yesterday’s meeting in Brussels will facilitate this. The European Union will monitor the implementation of this agreement. And the implementation of this roadmap will facilitate the definitive conclusion of an inherited problem of energy payment in the four municipalities in the north of the country.

We inherited many things we did not want. We are doing our best with what we have inherited. As we have promised, after 20 years we are stopping an injustice and financial bloodshed in that part of the country and we are ending a problem in the energy sector

This sector is a priority for the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, as it affects every aspect of the life of our citizens.

This is the reason why we have undertaken the important task of developing a National Energy Strategy, so that our energy sector sets off for a fair energy transition – a transition that will diversify the energy mix, maintain the supply security, will promote clean energy and regional cooperation, primarily with Albania, but also with other countries.

The Energy Strategy 2022-2031 is being finalized through democratic, transparent and comprehensive processes.

Our Minister of Economy, Mrs. Artane Rizvanolli is continuing with the public consultations throughout Kosovo on the draft Energy Strategy, as well as ongoing reviews with numerous professionals and experts. Therefore, I hope that as many citizens as possible will participate in these discussions, so that we have a strategy that best serves everyone, and an energy sector that supplies and treats all citizens equally.

The equal treatment of all citizens of our Republic, in relation to the consumption and payment of electricity will be facilitated by the implementation of the roadmap agreed yesterday.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to transforming the energy sector by ensuring social justice.

We will continue to work for an energetic future of Kosovo that is brighter, more sustainable, and in the service of the development of our state.

Thank you and we are now moving on to the numerous agenda items scheduled for today.