49th Government Meeting


Prishtina, 17 December 2021

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in electronic form, today held its 49th meeting, in which two decisions were approved.

The first decision approved by the government cabinet in today’s meeting is to amend and supplement the decision of the Government through which the measure 3.7, – Support in overcoming the energy crisis, which will be used to subsidize the import of electricity, is added to the Economic Recovery Package.

The second decision was approved after reviewing the request of the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers for the allocation of budget funds for the implementation of measure 3.7, approved in the previous decision.

The government has allocated budget funds in the amount of twenty million euros (€ 20,000,000.00), for the implementation of the measure to support overcoming the energy crisis. The allocated funds are received from the Economic Recovery Program, sub-program “Economic Recovery Program” in the category of expenditures “Subsidies and Transfers”. These funds are transferred to the Ministry of Economy, in the category of expenditures “Subsidies and Transfers”, in the sub-program “Policy and Monitoring Unit of Public Enterprise”.

The Ministry of Economy will transfer these funds to the Public Enterprise KEK L.L.C. and the use of these funds will be determined in the agreement to be concluded between the Ministry of Economy and the Kosovo Energy Corporation.